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Explore the AEC Books collection, and enjoy the many diverse tales, personal accounts and insights that they present. Our books are free to download and always will be.


The Universal Natural Laws

This book indicates a way to live for the betterment of the people of this world: indeed, for the betterment of all life throughout the universe, for all individuals who have the ability to reason.

For millennia these laws have been a guide to living - once again this guidance is for anyone to see. Consider The Universal Natural Laws presented here, which are basic laws that govern our lives, laws that may be well-known to some people but not even considered by others. Indeed there may well be considerable doubt that some of the presented arguments could be considered laws at all.

This book is a discussion for all to consider and if the reader does think of what is put forward, then the book has succeeded in its aim.

Roads Beyond The Moon book cover.jpg

Roads Beyond The Moon

This is my story; it is based on events that happened to me. Some of the events I have altered a little, if I were to tell you the full truth you would not believe any one word of it, indeed truth can be far stranger than fiction, if you are the one being told of a story. 

To you, who read my story, be prepared to enter worlds you may find incredible or hard to believe, as I did at the time. It is my story, based on truth, presented in a fashion that may entertain, it is a story after all, yet; can you read the words and wonder; did he invent this, or is it fact. Whatever you make of it, I do hope you enjoy my story, just as I enjoy remembering what happened, in order that the words be written.

There is no such thing
             as death

This book is a basic look at some of the means of contacting people of the world of Spirit, in order anyone can re-learn of their Spiritual heritage; there are various means anyone may find out how to gather this information, or if wanted, how to contact Spirit for themselves.  The Universal Laws are a companion book, going into greater detail and encompassing further ideas.

    With this re-learning it will soon became apparent questions will have to be asked, if any headway in knowledge is to be made. From this idea of asking questions, many books have been written; this is just such book - the difference being, as the mediums involved, we had to write the questions and the answers, we have attempted to raise the level of knowledge for this world, for the people to advance.  While working with our guides, we learned this is known as “inspirational” writing.

    Within this book there is knowledge for anyone to look at; whether the questions and answers are acceptable or not is for the reader to decide.

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Tobh The Healer Of The District

A call for help had gone out to the healer, a call that could not be refused. The story begins with a long journey.  Learn of Tobh’s world as he makes his way, both to give help and looking for clues at what is causing people to fall ill, where is it coming from and why? The cure may well be unexpected.

The story is timeless: is it set in the past or the future?

During the story you may see a possible reason for an ancient megalith, a little more plausible than some of the outlandish ideas that have been.

The Little Book Of Prayers & Love

The "Little Book of Prayers & Love" is a collection of poetical works that speak of devotion, faith and love. For those times when we seek guidance and inspiration, there may very well be a prayer in this joyous collection that suits anyone but doesn't know how to say a prayer, or hasn't said a prayer in a long while.

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