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About the author and how AEC Books was born

How it started

I think it was in 1990 my wife first heard a disembodied voice by the back door. This was the beginning of her life as a medium, eventually leading to my own medium-ship abilities.  It was but a short step to being inspired to write the books presented on this site.

To my knowledge the exceptions are the T.A. books. These began when I regaled my wife with reminiscences of my life in the T.A.  So often I was told, “Put these stories into a book.” Eventually I did.  For the next twenty years all the books were slowly polished and checked; the results are for the entire world to see.

There were several big differences in writing the ‘inspired’ books and the T.A. books.  The inspired books were just written then transposed to the computer, while my T.A. books were a slow grind.

Both groups were looked at over the years, with most of the time taken with my books.  It's true, writing is 5% inspiration 95% perspiration.

I tried many times to find a publisher or agents to get the books printed. No one was interested so, eventually, I started making them myself, a long and steep learning curve.

You can see my dream is just about ready and that, win or lose, I have followed my dream.  It is possible for anyone to make a dream come true. You only have to have faith in yourself and keep on trying.

Win or lose at least I have tried.

      Now! What’s the next mountain to climb?

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