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Free-to-download novels, poems and stories of truth and imagination

By Eric Clark 

Notebook and Pen
Writing by the Water
Taking Notes
Countryside Scenery

In pursuit of a dream

Everyone should have a dream, I have followed my dream; now my novels are open for the world to read.  Over thirty years ago I started the first of these books, while the last book was completed a couple of years ago; which you will find gathered here on this site, for you to consider.  I present them for you to discover as a book, or download entirely free, at your leisure.

What's on your bucket list? Reach for your dreams before it's too late or you'll end up wishing you had done something.

As you explore this extraordinary collection of stories, prayers and poems, you will find at your fingertips a world of inspiration, hope, excitement, interest and imagination.

If you find something you have a little difficulty with; then give me a call

Woman Writing

My motivation

Having been inspired to write, I soon tried printing things in book form using a basic Windows 3.0 on a cheap, 1990s computer and an equally cheap dot matrix printer. This was working on books of poetry, which entailed simply stapling it together, not even trimming it. When a book was presented to a professional in the book-printing world, I was told, “It’s a brave effort,” which is a polite way of telling me ‘it was amateurish.’

Despite this, I continued to put the writings into book form to see how they looked. When I thought I had a reasonable manuscript, I tried hawking the books to publishers and agencies to no avail.  So being a D. I. Y. enthusiast, what else was I to do but make my own books and convert them into PDF in order that I could send them safely by e-mail if anyone wanted them.

I started really trying to make books that looked reasonable, which was a steep learning curve with many dead ends and mistakes. I have no connections or experience in the book publication world, which makes things doubly difficult to achieve.

Yes, I am an amateur but as this is being typed, half the world is in isolation or lockdown, so it has kept me occupied, as I hope my books will help the world. It’s my trying to do something.

Reading Time

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”


Franz Kafka


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